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PEB – Pre-Engineered Buildings

Frames of pre-engineered building are made, or rather ‘built up’ from steel plates. PEB frames are normally tapered and often have flanges and web of variables thicknesses along the individual members. The frames geometry matches the shape of the internal stress (bending moments) diagram thus optimizing material usage, and thereby reducing the total weight of the structure.

HRS – Hot Rolled Structures

Hot rolled structures, also known as Conventional Steel Structures, are the most common type of steel structures used in Africa today. In conventional steel structures, mill-produced hot rolled sections (beams and columns) are used as the primary members, rather than tapered built-up beams (PEB). However, our hot rolled structures are still pre-engineered and pre-fabricated for onsite bolting only.

MSB – Multistorey Steel Buildings

Multistorey Steel Buildings are now the most common type of high-rise buildings used internationally, due to the advantages of structural steel for this type of construction. In most multistorey steel buildings, the skeleton is generally constructed out of structural steel, while the foundations and infill floors are generally out of reinforced concrete (RC) laid onto special steel decking sheets. This is known as composite construction.

Roofing and Cladding Solutions


SKYCOVER™ – Roofing Sheets SKY 32/250/GI/AZ

Skycover Roofing sheets 32/250 have the best balance between coverage and strength (1000 mm covered width, highest lxx in the category). It's high ribbed profile is for better support on longer spans with 32 mm trapezoidal crest for adequate drainage and aesthetic appeal. The hexagonal trapezoid for best load distribution and anti-capillary groove to ensure zero leakage as a result of capillary action. It also has a scientific design for usage in high wind load areas and they are suitable for roofing/cladding/barricading and other applications.

SKY-LOK – Roofing and Cladding Solution

SKY-LOK can be manufactured on site using the most modern and innovative mobile roll-forming technology. This enables a single length sheet right from the ridge/apex of the roof to the side eaves, thereby allowing for no end joints/ laps (which would be present in conventional roofing systems and one of the main causes of leakages down the line)! This eliminates the possibility of leakages at these joints, guaranteeing a leak-proof roofing solution.

SEAMLOK – Standing Seam Roofing

Standing seam metal roofing is defined as a ‘concealed’ or ‘secret fix’ fastener metal panel system that features vertical legs and a broad, flat area between the two legs. It’s also described as having raised seams, or vertical legs, that rise above the level of the panel’s flat area. Standing seam systems can be used for either metal roofing, which is the most common, or metal walls. The main idea to remember for standing seam systems is that the fastener is hidden, whether the panel is attached to the roof deck using a clip or is directly fastened to the decking material under the vertical leg using a fastener flange.